Website Redesign Services

Is your current website outdated and no longer capable of

fulfilling your online marketing objectives?

Whether you want to add a more professional, elegant look and feel to your website, more functionality such as forms, flash, polls, surveys, photo galleries, video, ect.., updated content, or all of the above, Web Marketing Blitz has the solution with its website redesign services!

With the increase of new online technology and design it is no longer good enough to simply have a website, businesses must also capture the visitor’s attention!  If your site lacks interactivity and looks outdated, visitor’s may be inclined to look elsewhere for a more professional look and feel.

According to a recent Gartner Group study, 50% of Web sales are lost due to visitors not being able to easily find the content, products, or services they’re looking for on web sites.  Understanding your website conversion is a very important metric to keep track of, yet most business websites do not know how many of their visitors are actually turning into leads and sales.

The fact is that most of these websites are horrible at converting web traffic to leads or sales!  So why is that?  Well the typical outdated website either does not have a professional feel to the visitors and therefore lacks critical trust building components, lacks user interactivity, the current navigation is to confusing to the visitor, the site does not have the information the visitors are looking for.  As a result a lot of business websites waste 75%+ of their traffic due to lack of “sales-ability”!

Here at Web Marketing Blitz we understand that websites get outdated either due to the fact that the business owners design them themselves and they simply do not have the time or knowledge to change the site to a more user friendly, updated design, or the web design company that designed your original website is no longer around.

With our web design solutions we will help your business website get back on track and start generating more business leads.  We will work with you to help implement a more professional look and feel, added functionality and updated content to your website.  We will also help you track your we traffic conversion rate so that you can start to see the results in real time.

Contact Us Today! for a free website redesign consultation where we will analyze your current website and discuss the changes that should be made to it in order to generate more leads and sales.

We also website maintenance packages, where we will keep your website up to date for you, this includes minor changes such as, content, updated prices and products, pictures within the content, announcements, ect… For major changes such as the design & functionality we charge $60/hr, however if you are a current client of ours we will give you the discounted rate of $45/hr.  For maintenance pricing check out our web design page!

Our website design and redesign clients are also entitled to our special discounted rate on our traffic generation packages!